Z (Not in Use) – Hair Removal


Waxing Types Duration Prices
Eye Brow Waxing $28.00
Upper Lip $28.00
Chin $28.00
Jawline $58.00
Full Face $158.00
Stomach $68.00
Half Arm $58.00
Full Arm $68.00
Under Arm $43.00
Shoulder $78.00
Chest $88.00
Half Leg $68.00
Full Leg $128.00
Full Back $128.00
Full Front $128.00
Fingers $28.00
Toes $28.00
Brazilian Strip Wax $58.00
Brazilian Hard Wax $68.00
Brazilian 3G Hard Wax $88.00
Bikini line Strip Wax $38.00
Bikini Line Hard Wax $48.00
Bikini Line 3G Hard Wax $68.00
Full Bikini $68.00


IPL Hair Removal Types Duration Prices
IPL Upper Lip $48.00
IPL Jawline $78.00
IPL Partial/Half face $128.00
IPL Full Face w/o Facial 60 minutes $188.00
IPL Full Face with Facial 90 minutes $238.00
IPL Half Arm $128.00
IPL Full Arm $228.00
IPL Under Arm $88.00
IPL Half Leg $258.00
IPL Full Leg $398.00
IPL Fingers $60.00
IPL Toes $60.00
IPL Brazilian $178.00
IPL Bikini Line $88.00
IPL Full Bikini $128.00


We serve both male and female customers.Price quoted is in Singapore Dollar (SGD). Urban SPA is not a GST registered entity, all prices quoted are NETT.

Urban SPA accepts the following methods of esa dog payment for products and services:

i) Cash (Singapore currencies only)

ii) NETS

iii) Visa

iv) MasterCard

Receipts will be issued to customers to acknowledge any form of payment.


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